Fancy Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Dive into the Symphony of Colors and Brilliance with Our Intertwining Sapphire & White Diamond Ring. A Captivating Dance of Elegance and Exuberance!

The intertwining dance of sapphires and white diamonds in this fancy dress ring creates a visual symphony that is both captivating and luxurious. The deep, velvety blue of the sapphires harmonizes with the pure radiance of the white diamonds, resulting in a piece that transcends conventional beauty. Each stone is carefully selected and set to ensure a seamless blend of colour and brilliance. The fancy design adds a touch of exuberance, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a statement piece that effortlessly combines tradition and modernity.



18K White Gold
18K Yellow Gold
18K Rose Gold
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Our Promise:
Every piece of jewellery is made with the finest materials to heirloom quality. The highest possible standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures you can enjoy your treasure for a lifetime. If your chosen piece is not in stock, we will custom make it to order in your choice of platinum, or 18k white, yellow or rose gold. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the purchase date to delivery. If you require your item sooner, please get in contact with our accommodating team.

A total of 39 Blue Sapphires, totalling approximately 2.44ct. A total of 203 Round Diamonds, with an approximate total weight of 2.00ct. Available in your choice of 18k White, Yellow or Rose Gold.