Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Choosing the perfect engagement ring to represent your relationship and that special someone can be a challenging task. A bold and brilliant beauty, the pear cut engagement ring is the ideal choice for those who want a unique symbol of their love. Combining the shape of round brilliant and marquise cut diamond, the distinctive teardrop-like cut offers a striking appearance. It also carries the meaning of emotional connection or tears of joy as its form mimics. The solitaire setting is a beautiful, simplistic complement to the pear cut for those who would like a minimal design. Alternatively, the pear cut halo engagement ring is also a very well-loved choice, with additional diamonds for a more extravagant style. You can match the style of the wearer by selecting either a white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum ring, as well as various intricate details to add character.

If none of our engagement ring styles call out to you, Garen Jewellery offers a custom service in which we can bring your dream ring design to life. We can personalise everything including the cut, colour, clarity and carat. A custom engagement ring can also make your proposal even more meaningful and memorable, with your partner being able to treasure its sentiment for the rest of their life.

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A pear cut diamond is known for its beautifully unique teardrop shape. It is a blend of a round brilliant cut diamond and a marquise cut diamond. Like the round cut diamond, it is incredibly radiant and sparkly due to the way it is cut and is a great alternative for those who appreciate a brilliant but unique shaped diamond.

The ideal length-to-width ratio of a pear shaped cut diamond is the one that you prefer. Let your heart and eye guide you. The longer the pear cut, the more slender and elongated it can make your fingers appear. It is best to get a balanced pear shape so it retains its delicate, elegant shape.

When looking for a pear cut diamond, symmetry should be the top priority. The diamond needs to be balanced and even, with gently rounded wings and shoulders so it’s not too short or long. Make sure the centre table of the pear cut diamond has been evenly cut in the middle and that the size and placement of the facets are aligned.