Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in Melbourne

The cushion cut engagement ring is a timeless diamond cut that gives brilliant fire and beautiful clarity due to its large facets. With softly rounded edges, the cushion engagement ring emanates a soft, feminine and refined feeling. It has become a much loved engagement ring cut that provides dazzling radiance but with a modern take on traditional cuts. The cushion cut halo engagement ring is a well-loved choice with the encircling diamonds providing even more brilliance and beauty. We also offer different settings, including cushion halo, solitaire, three stone, and 4 prong settings for you to choose to suit your special someone. Our range of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum rings can also be selected to match their style.

Impress your loved one with a stunning symbol of your relationship. Whether you would like a pre-made design from our striking selection or a custom engagement ring, our expert crafters will deliver the highest quality, handcrafted ring for you to show off your love.

Explore our extravagant range of cushion cut engagement rings online and instore.


Cushion cut diamonds are one of the most traditional, vintage style diamond shapes. They were once referred to as old mine cuts. The modern day cushion cut diamonds now contain four to eight kite shaped facets between the girdle and the cutlet. The overall shape is like a square with rounded corners.

In a cushion cut diamond, you should look for symmetry in the stone’s outline. The diamond’s sides and corners should align and mirror each other's curves. The cushion cut diamond shape can range from an almost round to almost square shape. The most attractive shape is a balance in between.

Cushion cut diamonds should be square or squarish-rectangular in shape, with curved sides and rounded corners. Whether you would like it to be more square or rectangular can depend on your personal preference.