Solitaire Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is something you only get to do once, so make it count by investing in a quality, meaningful piece that your partner will cherish forever. Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most simplistic and striking diamond settings you can choose from. When picking out a proposal ring for someone who likes minimal designs, the solitaire set diamond is a stunning choice, as the single diamond shines on its own. Our wide range of solitaire engagement rings offers many styles, whether you want a classic single diamond solitaire setting or additional intricate ring details. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are the precious metals we offer in our truly exquisite range. Find a diamond that will complement and represent your partner, from round, oval, pear, emerald, princess to cushion cuts.

Show your love with a custom solitaire engagement ring

At Garen Jewellery, we also specialise in designing custom solitaire engagement rings, so if you would like to give your partner a personalised memento of your love, get in touch with us. We can collaborate with you to draw up every feature of the design including the colour, cut, clarity and carat. For a ring unique only to you, a customised solitaire engagement ring will be the most grand gesture. Explore our solitaire engagement rings online or visit us in store at Westfield, Southland.


A solitaire engagement ring is a classic setting that consists of one diamond or gemstone with 4-6 prongs to hold the diamond. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular choice for solitaire settings, followed by princess cuts. The solitaire diamond setting offers simplicity and draws attention to the beauty of the single stone. It normally features a slender band but you can also choose to add decorative elements, such as pavé details or other style bands.

A solitaire setting with 4 or 6 prongs is the most popular ring setting to date. Depending on your preference as well as the size and shape of the stone, you can choose the number of prongs in the setting accordingly. The claws allow more light to pass through the diamond, giving it additional brilliance.

Solitaire rings can be set with any diamond or stone shapes such as round brilliant, princess, oval, emerald, pear, marquise and cushion cuts. Round cut and princess cut diamonds are traditionally the most popular choice for solitaire settings, however, the other stone shapes are great for more modern and unique style.