What Your Jewellery Says About You

First impressions last. Making a statement comes with poise, personality and the way you’ve decided to show off what you’ve got. While some opt for bold outfits or hairstyles, others leave it to the jewellery to define their look and appeal. We’re fans of flaunting our favourite pieces and love to mix and match the little treasures that we’ve got, but what is our taste in jewellery really saying about who we are?

Here’s a little insight into how your personality plays a part in your collection:

Outgoing and Spritely

If you’re a fun-loving kind of person, chances are you opt for large hoops, thick necklaces and out-of-this world rings. You’re the type to make a statement. Personality wise you’re bubbly, highly active and extremely social. With a cheery attitude and positive aura, you’re the kind of person that draws in those around you – like a magnet.


Down-to-Earth and a lover of all things elemental, you’re usually seen shopping for gemstone pieces. Think turquoise necklaces, bangles, shell features or even the occasional sea glass. There’s something about the natural wonders of the world that makes you want to take them with you.

Old-school glamour

Nothing says true elegance like pearl jewellery. You’re usually showing off yours as earrings or necklaces. Chances are you are family-orientated, you prefer to gather your friends at home than hit the town, and you’ve got a bit of a knack for classical furniture and vintage clothing.

The trendsetters

You are a bit of all of the above. You like to pay homage to what’s hot by styling them up with the biggest pieces on the fashion runway. Vintage jewellery becomes a modern flashback, whilst antiques and thrift shop treasures are the perfect way to put your name on what you’re wearing.


Keeping up an active lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing your love of jewellery. You may be spotted wearing a tennis bracelet, inspirational quote pendants or even small pearl studs as earrings. You keep it minimal but you still dabble into the art of mixing pieces with this and that, and at times, you may go a little artistic. Overall, your style contributes to your energetic vibes and playful attitude.

The highly organised

You’re the person who colour coordinates every single piece. You are often seen in your bedroom the night before work, organising your outfit for the day by matching your jewellery with the tones of your dress. Gold matches gold, silver matches silver – everything matches the shoes. Pretty much, you’re the conversationalist that loves hosting a party and giving out good advice.