Remodelling – Turn Your Jewellery from Old to New

Vintage jewellery does not need to remain so – many jewellers offer remodelling services for those who have old or inherited pieces that are just a little bit outdated. Transform a family heirloom or a mix of old jewellery into a beautiful, modern piece.

Remodelling is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your jewellery collection. Many people are surprised to find out that you can indeed recycle and reuse your unwanted pieces to create one hybrid piece. There are many ways this can beneficial to you, from remodelling your grandmother’s wedding bands to form your own, to simply giving your jewellery a facelift.

Custom Design

One of the major benefits of remodelling is the total customisation of your new piece. Often when you receive jewellery as a gift or inheritance it is not exactly what you would purchase for yourself. Over time you may end up with quite the collection of unworn jewellery or pieces that just don’t fit right. Remodelling allows you to design the perfect ring for you, whilst reusing the jewellery that had been gathering dust. Depending on the gemstones and materials (gold/silver) that you have, you and your jeweller can create a piece that reflects you.

Stunning Mementos

A great way to remember someone is to remodel their old jewellery into a piece that you can wear yourself. An example of this is remodelling your mother or grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings to form your own. As with other pieces, you want to ensure that what you choose for your big day suits you, and often inherited jewellery is dated or just not your style. Remodelling allows you to make these inherited pieces a touching memento that not only suits you but respects the previous owners. Remodelled jewellery is a respectful way to create a piece for you, whilst keeping the integrity of the original.

Create New Memories

There is no hiding the fact that sometimes things don’t work out, and jewellery we received as gifts may hold nothing but painful memories. With remodelling you can avoid selling or hiding those pieces that evoke harsh memories and painful emotions. Many failed marriages result in unwanted jewellery. This jewellery although worth a lot in terms of value, may lose its sentimental value, rendering it unwearable. Instead of allowing these pieces to gather dust and get the better of you emotionally, remodelling allows you to take charge and design a new piece that reflects the changes in your life. Sometimes the death of a loved one may also make seeing their jewellery an unbearable feat, honour their memory through a redesigned piece that allows you to remember them without feeling only the pain of their loss.

There are many more reasons why remodelled jewellery may be right for you. Before you decide to throw your old pieces away or store them in a hidden box, think about how a fresh design could renew your collection. A piece of jewellery is much more than just precious metals and stones, they are memories, feelings and representations. Keep the integrity of your jewels alive with well-designed remodelling.