Men’s Jewellery

In our fast paced world, it’s easier than ever to fade into the background.

Jewellery lets the world know who we are – nowadays, fewer and fewer men are complement their outfits with stand-out items. Those who do, they are reluctant to accessorise beyond a watch or a wedding band.

Why is this? Jewellery offers a stylish addition to your outfit, and exists as an easy way to strengthen your overall image. Going against the orthodox can often work in your favour, as stepping outside of the norm is a great way to attract attention. Take control of the visual message that you send to your friends, clients and work colleagues: compliment your outfit with a couple of standout jewellery pieces and set yourself apart from the crowd.

We’ve lined up a few tips for men looking to take their first steps into the world of jewellery – to the untrained eye, choosing jewellery can be an intimidating prospect… let alone pairing items with an outfit.

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple and effective

When in doubt, remember that there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple – seek out a classic, staple watch, and then consider branching out to cuff links, tie accessories or other, more flamboyant pieces. That said, remember that there is nothing wrong with keeping your look simple and effective – less can be more!

Don’t mix your metals

As a general rule, do not mix metals in one outfit – if your cufflinks are gold, choose tie accessories that are also gold. To avoid looking ‘overdone’, ensure that the metals you wear are consistent throughout your entire outfit.

Gold is a warmer colour and better suited to browns, earthy tones, as well as deep hues such as hunter green or royal blue. Silver tones stand outside of the colour wheel, and won’t clash too sharply anything – that said, silver won’t offer that same eye catching contrast that gold can.

Match the piece to the occasion

It’s often a case of checks and balances: you want to ensure that the piece you are wearing accentuates your outfit without outshining it. If you’re dressed to the nines, heading out to meet a client for lunch or attending a conference, it’s probably best not to match a sharp suit with hemp items you picked up on your travels.

Workplaces may have dress codes in place, and it is therefore important to take note of what your company deems to be ‘tasteful’ or ‘appropriate’. Be aware that this may limit what can be worn to items that are considered ‘traditionally masculine’ – this can include tie accents, watches, cuff-links, wedding bands and lapel pins, as well as bracelets and earrings. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, but make sure that you are not excessive in your style.

Although an intimidating prospect to many, accessorising an outfit can often work wonders in social and professional spheres – stand out from the crowd and ensure that you are noticed by your friends, peers and colleagues. Browse the Garen Jewellery catalogue and find something to suit.