Gold – What you need to Know Before you Buy

While everyone can appreciate the brilliance and shine that gold jewellery can provide, many customers will be unaware of the many different choices available when it comes to purchasing a gold piece. From colour, to karat, jewellery design to price, here are the things you need to know before purchasing jewellery for yourself or a loved one.


The colour is one of the biggest determining factors for customers who are looking for gold jewellery. While most will be familiar with the different colours available, many buyers are unaware of what gives their piece that colour.


This is perhaps the most common colour choice for gold wearers. Yellow gold is often used in diamond jewellery and is alloyed with silver, zinc and copper.


White gold can be considered a more exquisite version of silver as it has a similar colour, however it is more reflective and will not tarnish. White gold is alloyed with zinc, copper and nickel.


Rose gold or pink gold is alloyed with copper, which is what gives jewellery its rose or pinkish colour. This is a less popular colour and was used for antique jewellery, however there are stunning pieces available that will make a great impression.



Gold filled jewellery is the closest thing to solid gold, and will offer the same brilliant look, durability and feel of solid pieces all for a reduced price. Filled pieces are still made from solid gold, however they are filled with other alloys such as brass, silver or rhodium. A quick way to determine whether a piece is plated or filled is by its weight. Filled bangle bracelets for example will carry more weight when filled. These items will not tarnish and will last superbly with minimal care.


Plated jewellery has a smaller percentage of gold used in the piece as it is a thin layer that is applied over a base metal (often copper or silver). As there is less gold used in the process, this is a more affordable option for those who love the look of gold but have a more limited budget.


When it comes to gold jewellery you will often have the option to choose from 9, 18, 22 or 24 karat gold. Choosing a karat will have an effect on the price as the higher the number of karats the more pure it is. Basically, the higher the karat, the more pure gold is used in the piece.

While having more gold can make a piece more valuable, it does have an impact on the pieces you can purchase. As gold is an extremely soft metal, it is not suitable for finer pieces of jewellery. This is why other metals are also used to strengthen them. If you prefer to purchase 22 or 24 karat gold, it is important to take proper care when handling the item to minimise damage.

The karat can also determine its appearance. Gold will not tarnish but other metals used with it can. This means 9ct gold can tarnish over time without the right care.

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