Choosing the right engagement ring

As if popping the question weren’t stressful enough, you’ve got to consider where, when and how you’re going to ask your beloved.

You’ve also got to find the perfect engagement ring – about as intimidating a shopping trip as they come, it really needn’t be as daunting a task as you had originally envisioned. We’ve done you a favour, and offered some much needed advice to those on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

How do I know what she’ll like?

An age old question that has sparked many a sleepless night.

First and foremost? Take notice of her style, wardrobe and taste. If she favours classic fashions, she’ll probably like a classic style of ring. If her wardrobe is somewhat flamboyant, then think outside of the box and consider something a little different.

How about vintage?

Think about the rest of her wardrobe – where does she buy the majority of her clothes? There is no shame in buying a vintage engagement ring – in fact, she might feel as though this is a far more personal choice. Don’t feel as though you are restrained by tradition – after all, an engagement is something personal between the two of you.

Consider a custom design

Choose your stone, metal and style, and call on the expertise of a master jeweller to create a piece she’ll treasure for the rest of her life. Creating a bespoke engagement ring will let your special someone know just how special your love is – so unique, in fact, that it demands a custom engagement ring.

Call on her friends for help and advice

Find out whether she has dropped any hints regarding the type of metal, the cut of the stone and any jewellery designers that she is partial to – plus, be sure to have a sneaky look through her jewellery box to suss out her ring size. That said, make sure that they can keep a secret – you don’t want them to spoil the surprise.

Deciding on the rock and metal:

Diamonds needn’t be white – why not go for something a little different? Put a little colour on her finger with a black or yellow diamond, an emerald or even a sapphire. Coloured engagement rings are enjoying a revival – plus, they’re gaining in value.

If you’re struggling to get your head around different stones or types of metal, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Jewellery shops will employ trained professionals, ready to offer helpful advice to those on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

Keep a budget in mind

Don’t fall sucker to sales talk and end up spending more than you had ever imagined. That said, if the perfect ring is sitting right before you – don’t be afraid to drop a little extra. Remember, she’ll be wearing her engagement ring for the rest of her life.

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