Are You A Silver Chick Or A Golden Girl?

When it comes to buying jewellery, beauty really is skin deep. Your skin tone can dramatically affect the overall look and appeal of a piece of jewellery. A beautiful necklace or earrings can look very different on different people. Why not select the right metals and gemstones to flatter your skin tone? Bring out your best features with a piece of jewellery that compliments your complexion.

Finding your skin tone

People generally have a warm or cool skin tone. Your skin tone is the hue that shows through the surface colour of your skin. It is dependent on melanin levels and the number of blood vessels that lie closest to the skins surface. A common misconception is that skin tone is the same as skin colour. It isn’t. Unlike skin colour, your skin tone cannot change with sun exposure. And although people with pale skin often have cooler skin tones, this is not always the case. There are a number of ways to determine your skin tone, as listed below:

  • Examine your veins: If the veins on your wrist are green then you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • Hold a piece of white paper up to your face: If your face appears yellow compared to the paper, you have a warm tone. If it appears pinker, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • Scrutinize the skin behind your ear: If your ear looks yellow, you have a warm tone. If it looks pink, then you have a cool skin tone.


Cool skin tones

If you have a cool skin tone you will look fabulous wearing any white or light metals. You can get away with wearing white gold, titanium, platinum and silver. Your beautiful cool undertones will be setoff perfectly with bright colours, like violet, magenta, blue and red. Pearls, diamonds, amethysts, sapphires and emerald gemstones will flawlessly compliment your skin.

Warm skin tones

People with warmer skin tones look exquisite wearing yellow or rose gold. They also wear copper, pewter and brass metals beautifully. Earthy colours, such as orange, yellow, brown, peach and turquoise, bring out the natural accent of your skin. Beautiful champagne, coffee, canary, olivine and topaz gemstones will also perfectly compliment your complexion.

Neutral skin tones

If you have a neutral skin tone, you have no obvious undertone of pink or yellow in your skin. This means that you can match anything to suit your complexion. Neutral skin tones are uncommon. You are a small, lucky minority that the rest of us envy.

Break the rules

All that being said, there are a number of other individual factors that affect how a piece of jewellery will look. Your hair colour and face shape can influence the appearance of necklaces and earrings. Ultimately however, your personal confidence and style can make anything look exquisite. While your skin tone is an important factor, don’t let it stop you from wearing whatever you want.