About Us

Melbourne’s most exquisite
custom made Jewellery.

Garen Jewellery is an Australian boutique that specialises in providing high end as well as customised, fine jewellery pieces. With over 30 years of unparalleled expertise and credibility, we have become one of the most known and well-established jewellery destinations in Melbourne.

All of our exclusive pieces are handcrafted by our skilled artisans with the utmost quality, craftsmanship and design. 

Every one of our precious gemstones are carefully curated and hand picked by our experts to ensure that every stone meets our strict requirements for colour, cut and clarity grade.

Our luxurious collection offers a comprehensive range of stunning designs that will suit every style and occasion, including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, wedding bands and engagement rings.  We also offer a customised jewellery service where you can innovatively create your own jewellery design and we will make it a reality. Whether it be creating a one of a kind piece or a personalised engagement ring, our custom design services allow you to create something truly unique for yourself, or to gift to a loved one.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and creating extraordinary jewellery for you to cherish and make memories with.


About the Founder - Garen Dursun

Garen Jewellery founder, Garen Dursun is a second-generation jeweller. Garen’s father, Sarkis Dursun first acquired his knowledge of craftsmanship and jewellery trading in 1974, at the age of just 13 years old. Sarkis showcased his work at The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey for over a decade. In 1990, Sarkis emigrated to Melbourne, Australia where he started manufacturing and distributing fine jewellery all around the country. In 1992, he then went on to open his first store. That same year, he also welcomed his son Garen into the world.

From a very young age, Garen was very interested in his father’s craft. Garen would sit with his father on the workers bench in awe, watching and learning as his father created exquisite jewellery. Garen created his first ever piece of jewellery at the young age of only 8 years old. A beautiful gold bangle, which he gifted to his grandmother. Garen was an eager young boy who yearned to learn his father's craft and continue his legacy.

At 15 years old, Garen started working part-time with his father, only to start his career in jewellery just two years later. His ambition grew and at 19 years old, Garen established Garen Jewellery. Garen Jewellery quickly gained a reputation for its quality and craftsmanship, becoming a highly respected brand with continued success.

Garen’s most cherished piece of advice that was given to him by his father was ‘Don’t just finish it, finish it beautifully.’ Which to this day Garen lives by. Garen’s passion for fine jewellery is showcased through pieces that speak for themselves, with the standard of quality being second to none. Garen Jewellery has set the benchmark for providing luxury fine jewellery of the highest calibre.

Garen not only produces extraordinary jewellery, but he also provides a one of a kind exceptional experience to all. 



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