88 Cut Diamond

The Eighty-Eight Diamond –
A Cut Like No Other

Here at Garen Jewellery, we have always taken great pride in our ability to create for our clients exceptional pieces of jewellery that tell a story.
As part of our ongoing commitment to providing timeless, one-off pieces, Garen Jewellery is excited to announce that we are the exclusive holders in Australia of a rather unique diamond, the Eighty-Eight Diamond.

The Eighty-Eight is considered to be a diamond like no other, and our store is the only store in Australia where you will be able to make one of these diamonds yours.
Its design – which has been refined and patented by professional diamond cutters – features 8 sides and 88 facets, making this diamond a cut like no other.
The octagonal shape features 30 more facets than traditional round brilliant-cut diamonds. And more facets means more sparkle and brilliance.

Each facets’ placement has been carefully considered so that light radiates from all angles and isn’t lost through the bottom or sides. In fact, all Eighty-Eight diamonds – right from the smaller 0.5 carat all the way up to the 10 carat, display a prism of light that starts in the gem’s pavilion and radiates to the top, or crown of the diamond. The Eighty-Eight is the only cut of diamond that can create this level of brilliance and sparkle.

What’s more, the Eighty-Eight harnesses the power of the lucky number 8, which is widely considered to be the luckiest number of all in Chinese culture. What better way to bring this luck into your every-day life than by creating a timeless piece of jewellery that will be worn for a lifetime?

At Garen Jewellery, we can use the unique Eighty-Eight diamond to design a bespoke piece for yourself or someone special. Whether you’re looking for engagement or wedding rings, earrings or bracelets, we’ll work with you to create a piece of breathtaking beauty.